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Parking Lot Repair

All State Paving is one of the top parking lot repair experts in Texas. Using asphalt or concrete, we complete your project to perfection while remaining within budget costs and timelines. Contact us today and see why we're the best parking lot restoration company.

Concrete And Asphalt Parking Lot Repair Options

All State Paving is ready to help you receive the best paving solution for your budget. When repairing your damaged pavement, there are several options to consider:

A Simple Crack Filling
When water freezes and thaws, cracks in pavement amplify any damages created by the changing seasons. Your solution could be as simple as filling these cracks with hot sealant to create a watertight and strong adhesion to the asphalt. The key for successfully filling cracks is to have them filled early before they get too large. If a crack grows large enough, it could compromise the overall pavement and require extensive repaving.

Patching requires more extensive work than simply filling cracks. For areas of pavement with heavy damage, the patching process involves removing part of the pavement. Special machinery and tools will be used that fit your unique project and the damaged site will be prepared for new pavement. This includes removing debris and tree roots that may exist in the affected site. As with every type of foundation, the subgrade conditions are important to consider. All State Paving will prepare the soil below your pavement so it can withstand years of heavy use. We will then use the proper asphalt to fill the patch and press it smooth to match the existing pavement.

Sealcoating Asphalt
If your pavement is still in good condition, sealcoating is a proper solution to stop gas, oil, water, traffic, and other chemicals from degrading your parking lot over time. This solution only needs to be used every few years during the warm summer months and will add a fresh dark look and a layer of protection to your pavement. Another added benefit of dark asphalt is sunlight quickly melts ice that may form during winter months.

Removal With Milling
Removing the top layer of asphalt by milling is the most extensive repair process.
This repair should only be made if the subgrade conditions are known to be good and not needing to be altered before repaving. The top damaged surface of your pavement will be milled and removed and quickly replaced with new asphalt. This saves time and money while being better for the environment by recycling old material.
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