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Oklahoma Asphalt Paving

For Oklahoma asphalt paving, you can depend on All State Paving to provide the very best in service. Our concrete and asphalt solutions ensure your commercial paving job is completed in a timely and budget-friendly manner. Contact us for your next Oklahoma project.

Subgrade Conditions

Both North Texas and Oklahoma lie in the Central Lowlands and Coastal Plains physiographic provinces. Both of these areas contain fertile loamy soils (alfisols) good for agriculture, but drain poorly. Coastal Plains areas typically have a higher sand content and clay that need to be considered before paving. Runoff in the Southeast Oklahoma region is typically between 5” to 8” inches per year and will have an effect on the shrinking and swelling of soil throughout the year. Before performing any Oklahoma asphalt paving, geotechnical analysis is recommended for proper subgrade preparation. All State Paving is ready to provide the best asphalt paving solution for the soil you’re building on.

Soils Encountered When Oklahoma Asphalt Paving

There are a diverse number of soil types found throughout the state of Oklahoma. These can either simplify the paving process or make it more complex. Here are the most common soil orders found within the state.

Alfisols - These soils are found in fairly moist areas and are great for crops. Unfortunately, they formed via weathering that leached minerals, specifically clay, into the subsoil. This clay hold moisture and is a key reason why subgrade preparation is essential to the success of your asphalt paving project.

Mollisols - Mollisols are high in organic matter and found in Oklahoma climates with a pronounced arid season. This soil is found across the central part of the state.

Aridisols - This OK panhandle soil is rich in minerals like gypsum and salt because of its location in arid regions of the state.

Ultisols - A soil with very high acid and clay content because of heavy annual rainfall. This material can be found in east Oklahoma.

Entisols - Found in areas throughout Oklahoma, this soil consists of eroded material. This soil is the most common found worldwide and is seen in river valleys and shore deposits.

Vertisols - The extremely high clay content of this soil causes significant shrink/swell with changes in moisture. The majority of this material in Oklahoma is found near the south east border with Texas.

Inceptisols - This soil is typically located in rocky mountainous areas and can be found in west Oklahoma. This material is ideal for asphalt subgrade as there in no accumulation of clay or organic matter.

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