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Asphalt Repair

As your asphalt ages, it is natural for cracks to begin appearing over time. Finding the right contractor to maintain your aging asphalt is the key to extending its life as long as possible.

Sealing in a timely manner ensures the repair catches cracks right when they begin to form and haven't reached a point of causing significant damage. After two to three years of new asphalt being placed, the first cracks will appear. If left unchecked, water can freeze and expand the cracks while oil, dirt, and other chemicals can degrade the surface of your pavement. This uneven degradation and damage is known as heaving and will eventually lead to large potholes. Strengthen your asphalt before reaching this point by contact All State Paving for quick repairs that will restore the surface of your asphalt and strengthen it for future heavy traffic.

The Asphalt Repair Process

All State Paving's solution for repairs is using a blend of polymer-based material to fill cracks and coat the asphalt surface with a watertight seal. We'll determine the proper layer of sealant to apply to your project, then allow it to dry for 24 hours. After sealcoating, the UV damaged and faded black asphalt is coated with a brand new jet black finish. The binding materials within the surface of the asphalt are also restored to add strength where the driveway or road will need to bear the brunt of traffic. From asphalt cracks to fixing potholes, you can rely on All State Paving for your repair needs.

The Long-Term Repair Solution

While not as cost effective as resurfacing, completely repaving a surface is the best way to permanently fix a heavily damaged pavement. The cost increase is a direct result of needing to mill the surface of the asphalt and replace it with new material. If the entire asphalt pavement is removed, regrading is possible and the subgrade material can be corrected for optimal placement of new asphalt. This new material is rolled and compressed for a smooth firm finish. If there are extensive areas of your pavement with cracks and holes, repaving is certainly a solution you should consider.

The Affordable Repair Solution

Resurfacing is always a great solution when speed and cost savings can be utilized for pavements with minimal damage. In preparation for the resurfacing, All State will fill any small holes and cracks with asphalt before a new layer of material is placed evenly on top of the pavement being restored. A roller will then properly compress and smooth the new asphalt before it cools to maximize strength and extend the durability of your resurfaced pavement. There are a couple important factors to consider when determining if your project can simply be resurfaced. Your foundation or subgrade needs to be in good stable condition and only around 30% of your asphalt can have cracks. If both of these conditions can be met, resurfacing will work and your parking lot or road will have a longer lifespan with occasional sealcoating needed.
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