Asphalt Recycling

All State Paving provides the best asphalt recycling for your parking lot and road projects. If your asphalt is old and showing signs of damage with cracks or holes, recycling is likely the perfect solution for your repair. Our machines crush and screen your old asphalt, add the necessary aggregates, and reuse it for significant cost and material savings.

The Recycling Process

The Department of Transportation (DOT) suggests recycled asphalt pavements should meet 3 requirements: be cost effective, environmentally responsible, and perform well. The process for reclaiming asphalt results in material equal or better in quality than the new materials that would have been utilized for paving. The first step is milling existing pavement to a fine aggregate. These particles will then be blended with new asphalt, water, and other additives in order to bind the new pavement into a long-lasting driveway or road.

The Right Machines For The Job

The Road Recycler and Road Pavement Mill are the primary machines needed for milling the surface of existing asphalt and placing new material. The mill is equipped with tungsten carbide teeth that remove the top surface or entire existing asphalt. This loose material is then picked up by the Recycler to be blended with the binder materials and placed back onto the soil. Water is added regularly to provide the proper moisture content and Compactors press the new soil mixture to create a solid base. This recycled base is then ready for a surface layer of asphalt.

The Real Cost Savings of Recycling

On average, each customer requesting asphalt recycling can expect to save $50 per ton of asphalt. If more virgin material is used, customers can expect less benefit from recycling. The energy needed for recycling also provides significant cost-savings. For example, a 121,000 yd2 repaving job was found to save 32% on energy costs (or 2.5 billion BTUs) compared to conventional paving. Contact All State Paving today to see if recycling will work for your project.