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Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching can be a good temporary solution for repairing 1 to 2 inch holes in the top surface of asphalt. A stable base is required for a patch to work properly. For a more permanent solution, we suggest full-depth patching to maximize the lifespan of your project. All State Paving is ready to provide a cost-effective solution to any holes in your asphalt.

Permanent vs. Temporary Asphalt Fix

There are several methods of patching holes in asphalt and each one comes with a different expected lifespan. The shortest lifespan is a simple "throw-and-roll" where asphalt is added to the hole and rolled over in multiple layers. This is a temporary solution where adverse weather conditions create the need for a quick fix. The preferred method of patching is full-depth with the entire affected area cut out and replaced with heavily compacted layers of asphalt. Contact All State Paving today if you're unsure of the best patching solution for your budget and needs.

A Better Alternative To Patching

If your pavement is showing signs of wear, it could be best to repair the patches in addition to the rest of your parking lot or driveway. The two types of repair are Resurfacing and Repaving. Resurfacing is more affordable and takes less time to complete. Holes and crack are repaired and a new layer of asphalt is applied over the entire area and rolled smooth. Sealcoating regularly is recommended for extended lifespan. Repaving is a more extensive and costly repair method because of the need to remove part of the existing pavement. After removal, the pavement is re-graded and rebuilt by placing multiple layers of asphalt that are rolled smooth and compressed. Repaving is required when cracks and holes are extensive and large areas throughout the surface and foundation of the pavement are damaged.
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